On Being Indestructible

Marissa Southards

I first met Kim during the second cycle of this project and upon hearing her journey - I truly understand why she is indestructible! 

Though health crisis's, accidents, taking care of family members, AND raising a daughter - Kim shows up how she embodies her word completely and truly walks in her indestructible nature. 

As we look back through history, we often equate indestructible with the ancient world - places like The Coliseum, Stone Hedge, Easter Island.  But we often don't connect to that ancient indestructible feeling within us - that driving force that has carried our evolution through the ages and helps us to continually evolve within ourselves. 

Remember to call upon your indestructible nature when life is trying to bring you down!  

“We are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be.” 
― John Green