Onward to 2019

Marissa Southards

2018 is OVER *insert dancing moves and wahoo's here*

Let's all take a BIG BREATH and leave all the negative bullshit in 2018 and move forward to 2019 with more knowledge about ourselves and a faithful promise to stay true to who we are and what we've learned about ourselves this past year. 

2018 brought a lot of knowledge to TAP and revealed some things to me that I had suspicions of, but was finally able to confirm. 

2018 brought TAP:

  • The close of TWO cycles - A3 and A4.
  • The creation of more merchandise based on what fans wanted to see (it's all available y'all, you should check it....seriously, because TAP has sold like....30 things...EVER - buy our stuff?)
  • An expansion of the TAP message 
  • More opportunities to travel and interest in having me as a speaker (mind still blown about this, because I say fuck A LOT)
  • Several opportunities to show the work where I wasn't the person organizing the showing (mind also blown about this)
  • A revelation in cycle trends

A word on this revelation, because it leads into where 2019 is going for TAP.  Over the course of four cycles of images, I've has my suspicions that the last image taken (and the last word chosen) has always been unique, AND has set the tone for the the next steps for TAP.  The last cycle (A4) confirmed that for me, finally. 

The last image of A1 (December 2016) was the word Oracle.  At the end of A1, I knew we were telling a story, and we have a truth to speak to this world. 

The last image of A2 (September 2017) was Indestructible.  At the end of A2, I had begun to get a lot of critics, some hate mail, but I kept moving forward.  

The last image of A3 (April 2018) was Unmasked.  By the end of A3, TAP really moved forward and stopped hiding, so to speak, and really started getting visible and holding firm in the message.  I took the mask off, and put myself out there, cuss words and all.  

The last image of A4 is what drove it home.  The last image (December 2018) is Reinvented.  Throughout the course of 2018, and especially the back half of 2018, you have probably seen the shift in TAP moving towards original content, transitioning how the message is seen, and (finally) me getting really visible and finding some comfort in front of the camera instead of behind it.  The website was revamped (again, seriously, go, we get no traffic and sometimes weeks go by without even a click), and we introduced a way to be featured on the social media channels and on the website (seriously, check out the website).  

So what does that mean?  Well, it means how you see TAP is changing and being reinvented so to speak.  While we make a point to share the fun, inspiring stuff we see online, you will see more original quotes, more original content, AND the images of these badass people will be front and center.   We want the participants to have a voice and to inspire others through What's Your Word so the focus is on how incredibly fucking awesome we are. 

It also means you will see more of me - whether that be through live streams, daily happenings, or at workshops - I vow to stop hiding behind the camera. 

It means you will see limited run products, all lovingly crafted by hand, and inspired by our very participants. 

It means all 4 volumes of work will be released with participants front and center (estimated January 31st 2019)

It means a reinvented way of how sessions will be done.  Some may be about seeing yourself in ONE word, while other sessions may be about celebrating community through several words. 

TAP has evolved and the last image of A4 really drove it home that reinvention was really just the process of that evolution.  From shooting in attics, back rooms, and my home studio, to shooting on location in other cities - TAP has kinda arrived a little. 

We cross the finish line together.  TAP wouldn't be a blip on the radar without you.  You share our content, comment on our pictures and offer help to keep us moving.  The comments, shares, and offers are INVALUABLE.  Please don't stop doing that!  When you see a TAP image, drop a comment and lift that person up!  Stepping in front of the camera is pretty brave and really damn vulnerable and I applaud every single person that has done this project.  I hope you will too! 

As we close out 2018 and move into 2019 - remember to lift each other up and support the positive, celebrate the negative being left behind, and love on each other fiercely! 

As always - stay magical! 




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