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On Words and Women

Marissa Southards

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In photographing The Awakenings Project, I’ve learned so much more about myself, and women, than I ever thought I was capable of in this lifetime.  From a photographic standpoint, some of the images are truly breathtaking and powerful, but from a woman’s standpoint, I remain truly, and deeply humbled. I’ve always said one of my favorite parts of this project has been hearing the stories.  Women are so much more than what society labels us as.  We are Warriors, like Marsha S (word: Warrior, Awakenings II).  Her story of the challenges she has overcome with her daughter and the strength...

Reflections on Words

Marissa Southards

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The Awakenings Project is a project that become very dear to me.  While I have spent years focusing on raising my children, activism, and my career, pursuing an artistic drive was always something I was truly afraid of doing.  I was so worried about what other people would think, or that I wasn't good enough.  Stepping into this project to express my creativity is, in all honesty, one of the most fiercest leaps I have taken in my life, to date.  As I close in on the age of 40, I could possibly look back with regret, but I will...

What's Your Word - Oracle/Ambition

Marissa Southards

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*Note: #WhatsYourWord will feature a different participant telling their story  Be sure to subscribe to get the feature straight to you inbox!  When I first began this project, I never anticipated that The Awakenings Project would become a “thing”.   Seeing a future past the first set of photos (now commonly referred to as Awakenings I) was never a goal I really had in mind.  Truly, I just wanted to create something beautiful, and provide a non-judgmental space for women, transwomen, and girls, to connect with themselves and capture an image for them to see their own greatness.   Seeing where...