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What's Your Word: Vulnerable/Dignity

Marissa Southards

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What's Your Word: Vulnerable/Dignity
Few women possess the quiet strength that Ashley Moore wields. There is something saged about her eyes, her smile, and her statuesque frame. It’s as if she holds keys, waiting to give them to the chosen. 

What's Your Word: Wisdom

Marissa Southards

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What's Your Word:  Wisdom
Welcome to the first #WhatsYourWord of 2018!

What's Your Word - P*ssy

Marissa Southards

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Of all the participants in The Awakenings Project, few have left indelible marks on the project by their sheer presence and will. One of those fearsome women is, Jennifer McCoy.  After hearing about the Awakenings Project through social media invite via her friend and Awakenings Project creator, Marissa Southards,  Jennifer, affectionately known in certain circles as just “McCoy”, sat for the initial cycle of The Awakenings Project, AI. Her word? Pussy.  Yes, PUSSY.     In eloquence that only McCoy can give, hear her reason for why she chose such a provocative and evocative word:  “My word was “pussy”. I...

What's Your Word - Survivor

Marissa Southards

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I had the honor of photographing Laurie in December 2016, as part of Awakenings I.  When she first chose her word, I knew immediately, it was truly one that she had not only earned, but also honored.  Having known Laurie for several years in my activist life, I also came to adore Laurie as a dear friend as well.  Coming to learn her story and the things she’s come through in her life, as a child, as a wife, as a mother, and as a woman – I’ve only come to respect her more. M.   Hearing about the Awakenings...

What's Your Word - Oracle/Ambition

*Note: #WhatsYourWord will feature a different participant telling their story  Be sure to subscribe to get the feature straight to you inbox!  When I first began this project, I never anticipated that The Awakenings Project would become a “thing”.   Seeing a future past the first set of photos (now commonly referred to as Awakenings I) was never a goal I really had in mind.  Truly, I just wanted to create something beautiful, and provide a non-judgmental space for women, transwomen, and girls, to connect with themselves and capture an image for them to see their own greatness.   Seeing where...