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Growth is Sometimes Scary

Marissa Southards

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Some days I do an amazing job of getting out of my own way.  Some days, I just really suck at it.  Some days, I'm so fucking awful at it, that I just cave in defeat and spend the day on my couch eating junk food and debating whether or not I will put on pants.  I think we all have those days though?  (Right???) Recently, I haven't had many of those days.  I've really been making a conscious effort to dip my toes into the unknown and live with my entire authentic self.  I consider each situation and minute...

On Words and Women

Marissa Southards

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In photographing The Awakenings Project, I’ve learned so much more about myself, and women, than I ever thought I was capable of in this lifetime.  From a photographic standpoint, some of the images are truly breathtaking and powerful, but from a woman’s standpoint, I remain truly, and deeply humbled. I’ve always said one of my favorite parts of this project has been hearing the stories.  Women are so much more than what society labels us as.  We are Warriors, like Marsha S (word: Warrior, Awakenings II).  Her story of the challenges she has overcome with her daughter and the strength...

Leave Your Ego at Home

Marissa Southards

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Ego is definitely something I have often had a problem with.  I’ve often, in the past, celebrated my ego, and even bragged about the inflated size of it.  I was proud of how cocky I could be.  I would be the first person to step up and proclaim just how absolutely fucking amazing I was. Letting go of ego is a real thing.  There are tons of books out there that say they can educate us on how to let go of our ego, and live a more humble life.  These books go flying off store shelves so that we...

Living Authentically

Marissa Southards

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Moving through each day now requires a balance that I never thought I would ever need.  In the past 39 years of my life, I’ve never questioned the “why”.  I’ve always been able to fully move through spaces simply knowing I would come out clean on the other side.  From ages was 19 to 22 was interesting, but that’s another post for another day. I realize now that I’ve been very blessed to have been through the life events I’ve been through and to have learned from them all, even though trauma may linger a little.  My friends have always...

What's Your Word: Resilient

Marissa Southards

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What's Your Word:  Resilient
When you meet Jessica Ruby, there is an energy that surrounds her where you know it is her mission to get things accomplished, because having them done is not sufficient. In sitting for the second cycle of The Awakenings Project, it seems fitting she would choose the word resilient.
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