What's Your Word — the ideal firestarter

What's Your Word - The Photographer

Marissa Southards

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What's Your Word - The Photographer


This history of The Awakenings Project STL is rooted in this word, photographed in late 2016 on the back of a woman whose husband taught her how to use a camera.

That woman is Marissa Southards.

What's Your Word - Oracle/Ambition

*Note: #WhatsYourWord will feature a different participant telling their story  Be sure to subscribe to get the feature straight to you inbox!  When I first began this project, I never anticipated that The Awakenings Project would become a “thing”.   Seeing a future past the first set of photos (now commonly referred to as Awakenings I) was never a goal I really had in mind.  Truly, I just wanted to create something beautiful, and provide a non-judgmental space for women, transwomen, and girls, to connect with themselves and capture an image for them to see their own greatness.   Seeing where...