About The Awakenings Project

The Awakenings Project is the artistic concept of Marissa Southards.  TAP began in the October of 2016 in St. Louis, MO and what began as a single affirmation photo idea, photographed as a means to empower self and posted to social media, has now grown to over 320 participants, multiple photographic cycles, speaking engagements, workshops, and followers all over the world. 

The goal of the project is the empowerment of women, girls, and women identifying individuals through body positivity and self-actualization. Participants are guided to think of a word that best describes them and from that word, the participants are charged to embody its power through its placement on the body and the subsequent photo. 

The result being the mantra of the project, "Society does not define us, we define ourselves."

 The image that began it all: